a CyanChat client in C++ and wxWidgets


wxWidgets 2.8.9 Unicode DevPak released

A DevPak with precompiled wxWidgets 2.8.9 Unicode monolithical libs (compiled with MingW 3.4.5) is now released.
It is needed, to build Unicode wxMagenta with wxDevC++.

wxMagenta v0.4.0 released

The next release of wxMagenta is here, bringin new features. The Windows builds are now fully Unicode instead of ANSI and there is an installer package.

Here is the list of important changes in this release:
- implemented: Ctrl+A and Ctrl+C for the chat
- implemented: optional blinking of taskbar icon on incoming messages
- wxDevC++ can now produce Unicode builds of wxMagenta
- implemented: ability to change font and its style
- switch from ISO-8859-1 to UTF8 message encoding
- implemented: wxMagenta now tries to reconnect if conenction was lost
- implemented: !version command
- implemented: minimizing to tray
- implemented: auto scrolling into view
- implemented: icons on other system besides Windows(tm)
- implemented: function to clear window
- implemented: URL detection in chat text
- enabled supressing of "Undo" command in the chat window
- implemented: interpretation of "/me" and "/me's" commands
- implemented: "Always on top" option
- implemented: window opacity changing
- implemented: server pinging to prevent timeout (thx Paradox)
- implemented: sending of private messages
- implemented: handling of connection loss
- implemented: receiving of private messages
- implemented: customization of name colour
- rewritten the chat message receiving code, so now wxMagenta handles properly tons of data and very, very, very long messages without a problem

wxWidgets 2.8.7 Unicode DevPak released

A DevPak with precompiled wxWidgets 2.8.7 Unicode monolithical libs (compiled with MingW 3.4.2) is now released.
It is needed, to build Unicode wxMagenta with wxDevC++.

wxMagenta v0.3.0 released

Another milestone of wxMagenta is reached. Now settings are saved and loaded, the chat window can be resized and other improvements are done.

- implementing some more setting handling
- implementing the option dialog
- implementing the setting loading/saving
- implementing the possibility to change name on runtime
- implementing connection timer
- implementing recieved byte count
- reworking the status bar to get information
- merging both chatter lists into one, instead using special colours for Cyan members and their guests
- chat window can now be resized

wxMagenta v0.2.1 released

0.2.1 (2008-02-04)
- adding nebeans6 project for compiling on Linux
- preserve selection of text in chat window when adding a new line of text
- reworking of about dialog to look good on any platform
- fix the chat (ANSI only) if compiling wxMagenta in Unicode mode
(default mode on Linux systems)
- getting rid of macros present only on win32 platform

0.2.0 (2008-01-31)
- check-in into sf.net svn
- connecting/disconnecting and chatting works on Windows(tm)
(no release)

0.1.0 (2008-01-24)
- begin of code converting from MFC to wxWidgets framework
(no release)